July 28th, 2014 - The Sh@! is back!

Temporarily of course.


So I fought this Sh@! for a long time. The first half of this page is 100% accurate. I was out driving one day, casually turned to my left, and lo and behold, the Ugliest Person I Have Ever Seen was sitting in a car. This strip INSTANTLY popped into my head. But I held off doing it.

This strip is kind of mean. I'll admit it. If I was this kid, I wouldn't want a webcomic strip talking about how ugly I am to exist. But I also thought this reaction was legitimately funny. And so my "fixed" ending was just me in the car, fighting to hide my disgust, and saying "Don't judge, don't judge, you aren't the most attractive man on Earth either Ben." And I'm not! I am not sitting here saying I'm a good-looking dude. But - still - I thought the strip was funny.

So, the strip half-finished, I went grocery shopping and I listened to an interview on the radio. The guy being interviewed was a musician, so maybe his advice apply to me, but he's a former producer who wanted to sing, so he did, and it's great for him. And he said "The hardest part about art is just doing it. Don't worry about the judgement, just do what you want to do." So I felt vindicated. Screw it. I think this is funny. Maybe that makes me a terrible person. Hopefully it makes for a funny strip.

YOU decide. I don't give a poop.

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