February 3rd, 2014 -
Ilithiya from Spartacus - STILL

Apparently these portraits are gonna be a thing.


Well, it has been quite a while since we had any kind of update. I don't have any kind of art to showcase, so that means...it's
time for a State of the Union address! So what's been up with you? Or more importantly, WHAT'S BEEN UP WITH ME?

I've been working. Not like a crazy amount, but I think I've been going pretty steadily at this stuff.

MSC:FF i15 - I'm nearly done with the pages for this issue. I finished penciling page 18 today (Sunday) and so I'll get that
inked tomorrow (Monday). In a fit of amazing, I originally got page 17 finished on Sunday, so I basically finished a WHOLE
PAGE in one day. I have not done that in - I dunno how long. It feels good. And I watched Planet of the Apes while doing it,
so that's a plus!

Devil's Bluff - I'm roughly halfway done with Version One of this book. The plan with Bluff, as it has always been, is to finish
writing Version One just to get a feel for the characters and world and the plot and find anything that doesn't make sense. I'm
only on Chapter 06 and I've already found roughly 3 major plot-problems. So I'm going to finish writing Version One and then
go back through it and re-do the whole thing where it needs it. Once Version 2 is finished, I'm going to have it read and then
I'll fix whatever problems THEY find. Then, and ONLY THEN, will I start drawing the thing.

Yeah, fun times there.

I'm roughly shooting to complete MSC:FF i15 within the next two weeks. During this time, I've got a few pieces to design for
Christmas Capers, then I'm going to start drawing the second installment of THAT. As for what comes after CC, I dunno, but
that's the plan as it stands. TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT BUMS.

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